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Pay Per Click (PPC) & Google Adwords will Maintain a prominent brand position in your audience’s minds, to increase the likelihood that the moment they need to make a choice, you’ll be the first brand they see. By paying to rank at the top of your industry’s search engine results, you will bypass all the industry clutter, save time & cement your authority for respective topics. Google’s top 3 results get 60% more clicks than all others combined. We achieve this through focused copy and data comparisons.   

What is PPC ?

Pay Per Click advertising is a form of Search Engine Marketing that gets the right ad, to the right person, at the right time. You will need to use these powerful search engines and platforms to market your business to a specific audience – from Google Search ads to Display Networks and Bing Search, your available reach is remarkable. PPC is a instantly effective way to grow your customer base, surpass your competition and generate sales.

Direct, Immediate targeting cements paid search engine marketing as an effective means to advertise new products, promotions or deals. Combined with Display Networks – that link with customer search history – your brand will be visible to previous website visitors across multiple sites.

On average there are 40,000 Google searches made per month in Australia for each industry. You must elevate your brand by securing prime real estate on the topics users are searching related to your industry and brand.

How W3 New Media Can Help

The Sydney Digital Marketing team of PPC specialists are Google Adwords certified and trusted by Australia’s leading brands. We achieve precise keyword visibility by testing different campaigns using multiple forms of copy and lede generation tools. Honing in on your audience using this method makes sure your campaigns are effective and affordable. So, spearhead your Adwords with amazing ROI – using our tried & tested formulas that react to constantly changing customer preferences.

 Variance in industry or budget should not exclude Adwords from your marketing mix – for the simple reason that its return is greater than its cost. It is a vital component when certifying your success in today’s highly-competitive marketplace.

We Have One Goal

How We Use SEM
To Help Brands Like Yours

Traffic & Conversions

The emphasis placed on more traffic, accounts for nothing if that traffic isn’t high quality. This is why Sydney Digital emphasises conversions alongside engagement levels of your site – to generate cost-effective leads.

Brand Exposure & Awareness

Accurately target a market that has an existing intent to buy. These customers seek answers to the queries or questions they enter into the search bar – if you answer these questions you will covert customers through the sales funnel.

Analysis and ROI

Measuring your ROI can be difficult when tracking which marketing platform your audience has been engaged from, however, with PPC a quantifiable reflection of your advertising campaign is available. The number of impressions, cost-per-click and amount of conversions are readily accessible on Sydney Digital Marketing’s transparent campaign dashboard.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Only relevant users are shown your ads, and only when your ad is clicked are you charged. This dramatically improves your ROI, as you’re only charged per inquiry.

Immediate Results

Cultivating an SEO campaign is a long-term approach that can grant you success. PPC rewards your investment with immediate returns that are instantly visible to the user.

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